The Northville Community Foundation (NCF) was founded on July 2, 1997, with a mission to enhance and enrich life in the community.  Over the years, the NCF achieved that mission by awarding grants and scholarships, and planning and executing community events, like the Northville Township Centennial Celebrations and the annual Northville Independence Day Parade.  In 2003, at the request of the State of Michigan, the NCF began operating Maybury Farm.  For many years, the Farm was considered a hidden treasure in the Northville Community.  It was a quaint little farm with educational programming and community activities primarily focused on historical farming, but it lacked strong vision.  In 2016, the NCF began making significant improvements to the grounds and operations at Maybury Farm.  In 2017, a new mission and vision were adopted, and all of the educational programs were redesigned to integrate Michigan science standards.  Changes were also made to the events and facilities of the Farm in order to better serve the public, offer increased educational opportunities, and align with the mission of connecting children and families to animals and agriculture.  In January of 2018, the Board of Directors made the decision to adapt the priorities of the NCF and the ways in which the organization serves the community.  In order to have the most impact and be the best possible steward of the responsibilities with which the NCF has been entrusted, the Board determined that the organization would shift focus to the care and development of Maybury Farm.  Now in mid-August 2018, the positive impact of this change has been noticed and welcomed by the community.


The Northville Community Foundation exists for the purpose of enhancing and enriching life in the community.

In January of 2018, as we celebrated 20 years as an organization, the Board of Directors of the Northville Community Foundation made the decision to transition and adapt our priorities and the ways that we serve the community.  We want to have the most impact and be the best possible steward of the responsibilities with which we've been entrusted and as such we have decided to shift our focus to the care and development of Maybury Farm (which the NCF has operated since 2003) and its mission of educating the children of Northville and the surrounding areas.  Learn more...

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